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Unlocking human, organizational, and community potential

Tamar has more than 30 years of experience in leadership, mentoring, program building, curriculum development and program management. Her professional experience includes serving in a variety of nonprofit leadership roles, including Executive Director, Director of Programs, and Director of Education. Her specialties include art-infused education and helping organizations build partnerships to collaborate for success.​​

Community Collaboration

Partnership-building and collaboration have been priorities throughout Tamar’s nonprofit career. She offers expertise in helping organizations build meaningful, lasting partnerships and work collaboratively to achieve shared goals.

Examples of Services Offered
  • Support integrating the arts into an existing after-school or early childhood program

  • Help with the start-up of a new art-infused education program

  • Consulting on healthy processes in a nonprofit organization

  • Assistance building and/or strengthening community partnerships

Image by Aaron Burden
Art-Infused Education
Why Art-Infused Education?
  • It supports academic development for students with diverse learning styles and forms of intelligence.

  • It crosses barriers of race, culture, and socio-economic status.

  • It supports socio-emotional development, helping students build resilience, strengthen personal identity, and understand diverse cultures.


As an artist herself, Tamar has worked with youth of all ages and families throughout her whole life. When in the role of Executive Director at Urban Arts Academy, she led the development and implementation of globally-inspired, multidisciplinary art-infused education in a variety of settings. Her approach to art-infused education includes:

  • Embracing diversity – striving to serve youth and families from diverse communities of color.

  • Offering a globally-inspired curriculum to guide students in learning about diverse artists and artwork within its historical and social context.

  • Connection to artists that work in many disciplines, from Fine Arts (e.g. visual arts, 2D/3D sculpture) to Performing Arts (e.g. music, dance, spoken word) to Culinary Arts and Gardening.

  • Flexible programming (PreK – Grade 12) that is tailored to meet the needs, interests, and goals of each organization.

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